• Accelerating the business by creating a successful compliance program.
  • Minimizing business risk through safe, secure and environmental friendly workplaces where the goods are produced.
  • Increasing business reputation¬† by fulfilling the customers requirement.
  • Achieving the trustworthiness of all business partners by commitment and transparency.


  • Compliance team & responsibilities
  • Yearly & monthly audit schedule
  • Developing a unique audit protocol & checklist
  • Web base monitoring & verification
  • Training schedule for capacity building of factories
  • Setting a target


  • Assessment & creating report
  • Development visit & CAP follow-up
  • Training on COC, Local law & certification
  • Website follow-up and desktop verification
  • SWOT analysis and special care of vulnerable factories and issues
  • Developing self assessment and management monitoring system


  • Development visit & proper guidance
  • Preparing the TNA & measuring progress
  • Knowledge, document and experience sharing
  • Making sure of the fulfillment of requirement


  • Follow-up audit
  • Desktop verification
  • Surprise visits
  • Route-cause analysis